ethnic groups across the world.

During this semester we have looked at many ethnic groups across the world. We have looked at the cultural elements that make this group of people an ethnic group as defined by Sociology (Week 2). We have looked at their history mainly focusing on social facts/forces that have impacted their lives today. We have examined their social position in their homeland and adopted nations (Week 9) and the resulting consequences or intergroup relations experienced by this ethnic group (Weeks 8 and 10).
For this essay, research the same things about Cubans that I listed in the above paragraph. Then write the following:
A thesis and brief introduction to the ethnic group that you will be describing;
Describe the cultural elements that give the members of the group their ethnic identification.
Briefly describe the history of this ethnic group with an emphasis on the social facts or forces that have impacted their lives today;
Where are the majority of the members of this group located today? What is their social position in this location? (Social position could include minority vs dominant group and/or their position in the social stratification system of their location).
Discuss the most important intergroup relations experienced by this ethnic group; the reactions of this group to intergroup relations experienced
Conclusion: summarizing the essay by relating back to thesis in first paragraph.
(1) Typed, double spaced; 12 pt font. Do Not use script font.
(2) Essay format: thesis statement, body of paper, and conclusion.
(3) You must use at least 3 research sources in the essay to describe the ethnic group on the macro level. These can be research studies or media reports. Wikipedia, other encyclopedia, dictionaries, and sources such as or blogs, are NOT considered sources.
(4) When information is quoted or summarized from a source (including a textbook or articles), the source must be cited in the essay, and listed in a “Works Cited” page, using either MLA or APA format. ALL sources must be listed in a works cited page, and in citations in the paper.