“Don’t Blame the Eater” by David Zinczenko.

Read the article “Don’t Blame the Eater” (pp. 245-247 in the back of your textbook/ I also posted the article on MyCC) by David Zinczenko. Choose oneof the questions from below and post your reply to the forum (word limit: 150-200 words/8-12 sentences). Later on check the posts of your peers and my comments as well.
1) Ch 1 Ex # 2: Think of an idea from the article that you want to support, but others disagree with you, and they also find it laughable. Follow the template on p. 29: (If there was ——? I happen to sympathize with —-) & structure a short passage.
2) Ch 2 Ex # 2 (A): Write a summary of the article about fast-food restaurants, and argue that, contrary to what Zinczenko claims, there are inexpensive and convenient alternatives to fast-food restaurants.
3) Ch 2 Ex # 2 (B): Write a summary of the article, and question yourself whether being overweight is a genuine medical problem rather than a problem of cultural stereotypes.
4) Ch 3 Ex # 2: Choose any ideas/sentence(s)/statement(s) from the article. Use it as a quotation (“They Say”) in a short passage: introduce the quotation, explain it what Zinczenko wanted to say, and tie it to your own text indicating how it is related. Use the Templates for Introducing Quotations (p. 47) and Explaining Quotations (pp. 47-48).
5) Ch 4 Ex # 1: Write a short paragraph responding to the author Zinczenko. You’ll summarize one of the author’s ideas regarding fast-food patrons/ parents/ advertisement/ food and drug administration/ fast-food restaurants and make clear whether you’re agreeing/ disagreeing/or both with what he says. Remember to use templates from Chapter 1-4.