Business Studies

Distinguish between the following: a.) Parametric tests and nonparametric tests

Choose 2 out of 3 discussion questions below and write a response similar in length for each question .
Discussion Question 1: Distinguish between the following:
a.) Parametric tests and nonparametric tests
b.) Type I error and Type II error
c.) Null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis
d.) Acceptance region and rejection region
e.) One-tailed tests and two-tailed tests
f.) Type II error and the power of the test
Discussion Question 2: Discuss an apparent positive or negative correlation you have observed (in your workplace or in your life in general) for which regression analysis could be used to analyze the relationship between two variables. What would the X variable be in your example, and what would the Y variable be?
Discussion Question 3: Which hypothesis testing procedure would you use in the following situations?
a.) A test classifies applicants as accepted or rejected. On the basis of data on 200 applicants, we test the hypothesis that acceptance is not related to gender.
b.) A company manufactures and markets automobiles in two different countries. We want to know if the gas mileage is the same for vehicles from both facilities. There are samples of 45 units from each facility.
c.) A company has 24 salespersons. The test must evaluate whether their sales performance is unchanged or has improved after a training program.
d.) A company has to evaluate whether it should attribute increased sales to product quality, advertising, or an interaction of product quality and advertising.
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