Discuss the following: General When would      you envision using virtualizat

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Discuss the following:

When would      you envision using virtualization in a networked environment? 
What      particular organizational problems might be addressed when using      virtualization? 
Identify      benefits of cloud computing and share with the class challenges you      envision in managing this type of environment. 

Remote Management
Discuss the implications associated with security and remote management. Consider the following:

When would      you advise using a tool to remotely manage a system and what problems      could be addressed? 
When would      this remote management tool be inappropriate and why? 
What      policy would you recommend with respect to remote management?  

Discuss the following:

Would you      recommend a packet sniffer for your organization? Why or why not? 
What are      the ethical and legal responsibilities of an organization that utilizes      this type of technology? 
What type      of policy would you implement for your organization with respect to using      packet sniffers, logging events, and the frequency of viewing?  

Complete the following:

Comment on      when you would envision using fault tolerance in your network designs and      why. 
What      specific business requirements or situations would be addressed when      designing with fault tolerance in mind?

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