Art (Fine arts, Performing arts)

Discuss the composition of Leonardo’s Last Supper.

Please answer both of the following questions. The answers, at least one page long, should be written in essay form and should address all parts of the question. Be sure to cite sources if you are borrowing directly or quoting something from something you have read or seen in the assigned material. Also, be sure to provide examples of works of art from the material, if requested.
1. Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man and Bramante’s Tempietto are both considered classic examples of Italian High Renaissance art. Working with the standard assumption that different examples of a style have similar characteristics, discuss these two works in terms of the things that they have in common. Pay particular attention to aspects of design and composition, connections to antiquity, and general message.
2. Discuss the composition of Leonardo’s Last Supper. What did Leonardo do in this work that was new and different from previous versions of the subject, and how did these changes affect the dramatic impact of the work? (This question is based specifically on the assigned reading by Cole (pdf), but your answers should also consider information discussed in the other assigned readings and videos about Leonardo’s Last Supper).
note: use only sources given and use as many as you can you can use more than three see module 4 for all the sources