Digital Mammon International (DMI)

Read the Scenario below, which will ask you to compose a negative news letter. Focus on clarity and the “thin sandwich” approach to handling the negative news situation. Use correct formatting and write one negative news letter following the numbered Assignment Guidelines below the scenario. You’ll also want to refer to the Instructional Materials for this assignment.
Your company, Digital Mammon International (DMI), sells customized computer systems to businesses large and small around the world. The executive committee needs to recommend someone to begin a three-year term as Manager of Eastern European marketing. This person will be assuming a three-year appointment, with the possibility of reappointment. The company will pay moving and relocation expenses for the manager and his or her family.
The Eastern European division currently is the smallest of the company’s international divisions. However, this area is poised for growth. The new manager will supervise the Moscow office and establish branch offices as needed.
Interviewing candidates is not possible. Use the information below, including memos about the candidates, to evaluate the candidates and then decide which one is best suited for the position. Then decide which of the rejected candidates you’ll address in your negative-news letter, in which you break the news to that candidate that your committee chose another candidate for the position, provide some reasons, and still maintain the candidate’s goodwill toward your committee and organization.
Information About the Candidate.
Linda Moss, 35, African-American, married.
Employed by the company for ten years in the Atlanta and Toronto offices. Currently assistant manager of Canadian marketing; very successful. Howard University MBA. Speaks some French. Good technical knowledge, excellent managerial skills, excellent communication skills, excellent interpersonal skills. Excellent health, excellent emotional stability. Does Jazzercise classes. Husband is an executive at a U.S. company in Detroit; he plans to stay in the States with their children, ages 11 and 9. The couple plans to commute every two to six weeks. Has lived in Toronto for five years; business travel in North America; personal travel in Europe and Latin America.
Company Internal Memos
Your committee also has access to internal memos generated by colleagues with specific interest in the candidate hired for this position:
To: Executive Committee
From: William E. Dortch, Marketing Manager, European Economic Community
Subject: Recommendation for Debbie Gere
Debbie Gere would be my choice to head the new Moscow office. As you know, I recommended that Europe be divided and that we establish an Eastern European division. Of all the people from the States, who have worked on the creation of the new division, Debbie is the best. The negotiations are often complex. Debbie’s knowledge of the language and culture was invaluable. She has done a good job in the New York office and is ready for wider responsibilities. Eastern Europe is a challenging place, but Debbie can handle the pressure and help us gain a foothold we need.
To: Ed Conzachi, President
From: Pierre Garamond, Sales Representative, European Economic Community
Subject: Recommendation for Claude Chabot
Claude Chabot would be the best choice for manager of Eastern European marketing. He is a superb supervisor, motivating us to the highest level of achievement. He understands the complex legal and cultural nuances of selling our products in Europe as only a native can. He also has the budgeting and managerial skills to oversee the entire marketing effort.
You are aware that the company’s record of sending U.S. citizens to head international divisions is not particularly good. European marketing is an exception, but our records in the Middle East and Japan have been poor. The company would gain stability by appointing Europeans to head European offices, Asians to head Asian offices, and so forth. Such people would do a better job of managing and motivating staffs which will be comprised primarily of nationals in a country where the office is located. Ending the practice of reserving the top jobs for U.S. citizens also sends a message to international employees that we are valued and that we have a future with this company.
To: Executive Committee
From: Elaine Crispell, Manager, Canadian Marketing
Subject: Recommendation for Linda Moss
Linda Moss has done well as assistant manager for the last 2 ½ years. She is a creative, flexible problem solver. Her productivity is the highest in the office. Though she could be called a “workaholic,” she is a warm, caring human being.
As you know, the Canadian division includes French-speaking Montréal and a large native Canadian population; furthermore, Toronto is an international and intercultural city. Linda has gained intercultural competence both on a personal and professional level.
Linda has the potential to be our first woman CEO 15 years down the road. She needs more international experience to be competitive at that level. This position would be a good opportunity for her, and she would do well for the company.
Company Comments from Other Employees
Your committee also has access to internal memos generated by colleagues with specific interest in the candidate hired for this position, below:
To: Executive Committee
From: Robert Osborne, U.S. Marketing Manager
Subject: Recommendation for Steve Hsu
Steve Hsu would be a great choice to head up the new Moscow office. In the past seven years, Steve has increased sales in the Western region by 15%– despite recessions, earthquakes, and fires. Moreover, Steve is a brilliant computer programmer. He probably understands our products better than any other marketing or salesperson in the company.
Steve is clearly destined for success in headquarters. This assignment will give him the international experience he needs to move up to the next level of executive success.
To: Executive Committee
From: Becky Exeter, Affirmative Action Officer
Subject: Hiring the New Manager for East European Marketing
Please be sensitive to affirmative action concerns. The company has a very good record of appointing women and minorities to key positions in the United States and Canada; so far our record in our overseas divisions has been less effective.
In part, perhaps, that may stem from a perception that women and minorities will not be accepted in countries less open than our own. However, the experience of several multinational firms has been that even exclusionary countries will accept people who have the full backing of their countries. Another concern may be that it will be harder for women to establish a social support system abroad. However, different individuals have different ways of establishing support. To assume that the best candidate for an international assignment is a male with a stay-at-home wife is discriminatory and may deprive our company of the skills of some of its best people.
We have several qualified women and minority candidates. I urge you to consider their credentials carefully.
Assignment Guidelines
Use letter (not a memo) format.
Designate only one recipient of the rejected candidates and inform him/her that your team selected another candidate for the position.
Handle the negative information following the guidelines for negative news, using a “thin sandwich” approach as discussed in the lecture and reading materials.
Before you begin to write your letter, determine your purpose, audience, and context.
Write your letter for optimal clarity and efficiency.
Be sure to refer to the Instructional Materials to ensure successful completion of this assignment.
If you have any questions, please email or text me well before the due date.