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Details: Your job is to read your partner’s first draft of their paper, answer the below questions about it, and then synthesize your answers into 1-2 paragraphs of feedback for the author.
The goal here is not for you write a full-on critique of your peers’ paper. Rather, it is to have you, as the reader, identify the critical parts of an essay (such as the thesis statement, and evidence) and then use your answers to that question to give your partner some feedback about the essay.
Instructions for submitting:
After you submit your paper, you’ll be assigned a peer’s paper to review.
You’ll be able to use the “preview” view in Canvas to make comments in, and mark up, your partner’s paper.
Use the “add a comment” feature to answer the below questions.
SUGGESTION: Type the peer review in a word document, or somewhere you can save it, and then copy and paste into the comment feature in Canvas.
Feel free to add additional comments in their text as you decide is necessary.
Steps for peer review
In one or two sentences only, state in your own words what you think the writer’s thesis statement is.
At what point in the paper did you identify the thesis?
What are the writer’s justifications (readings, logic, evidence, etc.) for their argument?
What do you think is the strongest evidence for the writer’s position? Why? What do you think is the weakest evidence for the writer’s position?
Highlight (in color) any passages that you had to read more than once to understand what the writer was saying. Especially note places when they have used jargon that is difficult to understand.
What do you find most compelling about the paper?
After reading the paper, do you agree or disagree with the writer’s position?
Finally, use your answers to the above questions to write a brief summary paragraph. State what you think their argument is, and what you think the strengths of the paper are. Note big issues with clarity in the paper. DEFINITELY note if you think that have used a source from class in a way that’s not accurate (or in a way that you do not understand).


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