Desilu, I Love Lucy & the Rise of Network Television”

Read: Schatz, “Desilu, I Love Lucy & the Rise of Network Television”
View: I Love Lucy, “Job Switching” (1952) (dailymotion)
Part 1 (5 points):
Make sure to use citations with page numbers from the readings to fully answer each section of the questions.
Use the Schatz article, “Desilu, I Love Lucy, and the Rise of Network TV,” to:
Chart out and explain five of the key economic and structural stages in the history of the development of Desilu Productions. Each stage can be written in bullet point form and should include the page number in the reading for the source of the citation.
In the article, Schatz argues that the economic model of radio was ill suited for the development of TV. 1) Identify and describe the radio model and why it did not work well for television. 2) Explain how the history of Desilu Productions illustrates the network model of television that is established by the early 1960s. What was the business model of network television?
Part 2 (5 points):
Use the lecture and powerpoint presentation on Mise en Scene in Television to:
Identify and define each element of mise en scene (except lighting).
Use the assigned screening of I Love Lucy, “Job Switching” episode to provide detailed and descriptive examples of each of these elements of the show’s mise en scene.