Describe the legal process from arrest to arraignment.

Describe the legal process from arrest to arraignment. What will John experience at each step? Include the Grand Jury and how it fits in the process. In addition, be sure to describe the four ways that a person may be charged to begin the legal process.
Evaluate the scenario from the point of view of the district attorney. Given the circumstances, would you accept the plea bargain or prosecute? Explain your decision. Reflect on what you’ve learned about factors commonly considered to prosecute. Consider them and any other factors you deem appropriate. Support your decision with information from your textbook and other sources.
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3-3: The Legal Process Scenario
John Thomas is the principal at New Haven Middle School. He is well- known in the community for his
work as a principal and involvement in multiple community charities. Hartford School District officials,
including Thomas, have been vocal about anti-drug and marijuana policies.
A few months ago, Thomas was stopped by the police when he was driving 50 miles per hour through
a 45 miles per hour construction zone. During the traffic stop, the police found an open container of
alcohol in the car and less than one ounce of marijuana. Thomas’s blood-alcohol level was just above
the legal limit.
Given the margin of error associated with blood-alcohol tests, the DA had concerns about obtaining a
DUI conviction. There was an eye witness who told the police that Thomas was weaving and nearly hit
three cars. However, the eye witness later recanted his statement when he found out that Thomas
was the driver.
Thomas faces four misdemeanor charges, including DUI, open container, speeding and possession of
less than an ounce of marijuana. His attorney offered a plea bargain where Thomas would plead guilty
to the open container and speeding in exchange for the DA dropping the DUI and marijuana charges.
Thomas has no prior record. The DA is also aware of the County’s severe jail overcrowding problem.