Health Care

Describe the legal and ethical issues associated with sharing inaccurate health information.

We are continually bombarded with health information and it can be difficult to determine the accuracy of information. Just because the information is posted on a website or published in a document, does not mean the information is accurate. And, using inaccurate information can have severe consequences, especially when applied to personal health decisions. Therefore, the goal of this assignment is to determine the accuracy of a document by using additional resources to verify the information.
While completing this assignment, students will:
Use research tools (such as Google Scholar, research databases, or reputable websites) to find accurate information on the health topic.
Use their critical thinking skills to determine which sources include reliable, accurate information about the health topic.
Paraphrase information on the topic, focusing on the ability to accurately describe the information in their own words.
Describe the legal and ethical issues associated with sharing inaccurate health information.
The following article should be used for this assignment. Please note that there may be a combination of accurate and inaccurate information. It is your job to determine if information is accurate or inaccurate and to fix the inaccuracies using credible resources.
For this assignment students will do the following:
Read the article posted in Canvas (above).
Access additional information on this topic to determine the accuracy of the information provided in the article.
Describe the accuracy of the information reported in the article. Does the article have inaccurate information? If so, what information is inaccurate?
Use at least 1 reputable, reliable, academic source to report accurate information that fixes the incorrect information described in the article. This discussion should include:
1 direct quote
4 paraphrased sentences
1 in-text citation using APA referencing style
A reference page using APA referencing style
Describe the ethical and legal concerns associated with companies or individuals publishing/posting inaccurate health information. How can this incorrect information impact patient prevention, care, and treatment?
Technical Requirements:
300-500 words
Double spaced, 12 point font, 1” margins, essay format
Submit to the correct link in Assignments. This uploads your paper to Turn It In, a plagiarism detection device. See plagiarism information under Institutional Policies.
Correct grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc.
Cite all sources of information in APA style format.
Use of at least 1 reputable, reliable, academic source
Students cannot use class notes, presentations, or articles for this paper. New references need to be provided for this assignment.