Education homework help


in your response, address the following:
Share what you learned from reading your peer’s post, and what you might like to learn more about.
Point out a connection to your own post by referencing similar experiences, or program of study and career choice.
Your response should be about 100 words.
The topic I decided to write about is depression. At first, I was not too sure if I should write about such topic, but depression is a topic that is barely talked about. For my topic I will be covering all types of depression there is and what we can do as a community to help and be there for those who suffers with depression. As for someone who suffers with major depressive disorder it hurts a lot more not really having someone in your corner and being there every step of the way. This topic somewhat corresponds with my academic major because depression can be spotted in early ages and can be treated right away. Being a child’s caretaker, you must know them and understand what is going on with them. You must pay close attention to all children so noticing signs of early depression or even more psychological disorders is part of the job. Three sources that I have located are a medical web page that helps me understand the different types of depression, my public library and Ashford’s library. All three of these sources will be a great deal to me but I will not be only sticking to these sources. I will find other sources that can help me and broaden my studies on my topic.
In the webpage I did learn more about my type of depression and the others there is out there. I never knew about all those types of depression just the basic ones that you hear and see more about. Being able to learn about it not only helps me but can help other people that do not even realize that they themselves may suffer from depression. Being able to just talk about this topic helps me take a weight off my chest and I know those out there that cannot talk about it will someday be able to. Depression must be taken seriously because it could happen to anyone and when it do they will need someone to stand by them and help them.