Dealing with Failure

-please answer all questions appropriately giving examples/reasons etc as needed.
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-Topic: Dealing with Failure
-It is our beliefs about ourselves that determine whether we learn or grow from a situation, or use it to label ourselves as stupid, incompetent, or not capable. When faced with a challenge, look for what you can learn from it.
-Focus on the fact that we can always learn and improve instead of hanging on to old beliefs of not being good enough and being powerless to change that.
-When faced with failure, which is inevitable for everyone, seek to find what you can learn from the situation and what you can do differently next time.
-Please view this video: ” Famous Failures,” and reflect on the above statements, what do they mean to you? How do you overcome failure? Give an example of how you or some else has overcome a failure. What do you think about the people in the video?