Computer Science homework help

Data and Cyber Security in the Internet of Things (IOT)

I want someone to write a research paper as dezcribed in the following:
1. Research paper title: Data and Cyber Security in the Internet of Things (IOT)
2. Number of Pages:  50 but can be less than that including the references.
3. References: 15-16 Articles or books (provide the links for the articles as well)
4. Should have an abstract
5. Should have table of content
6. Should have subtitles (doesn’t matter how many)
7.  The following should be included in the Introduction
a. Research Question
b. Research Methodology
c. Importance
d. Objective/Goals
e. Hypothesis
9. I can give 2 weeks or more for a well-written paper. Number of pages does matter, but the QUALITY matters.
10. Does not have to be in very scientific language, it can be simple language with correct grammar and spelling.
I also attached the description