Critical Issues in Energy and the Environment

TEC 5970: Critical Issues in Energy and the Environment
Research Paper
Objective: To create a paper outlining a position on an energy-related topic
Description: The paper must outline an energy-related topic beginning with a popular press article. From this article, you must describe the nature of the subject covered. From there find popular press AND scholarly articles that both support and detract from the original article’s point of view. The following is a list of the topics:
The environmental feasibility of nuclear energy in a low-carbon emitting energy future
The impact of intermittent power sources to replace fossil fuels
Governmentally required renewable energy standards
The benefits of exploration and innovation for the use of fossil fuels
Home technology integration and automation for increased sustainability
Distributed energy generation’s effects on the US electrical grid
The pros and cons of lower carbon emission limits for developing countries
The paper should have the following outline:
A clear indication of what topic listed from above you have chosen
Summary of the initial article including the position it establishes
Outline of key points related to a position for and against the article
Description of articles in agreement with the article
A narrative of scholarly articles related to these articles
A narrative description of articles against the article
A description of your logical conclusion based upon the articles
Complete reference list
The paper must be 6-10 pages (1” margins, 10-12 pt font) and have, at least 12 scholarly references in addition to the popular press references. If you do not know what a “scholarly article” is or how to site it, then use the resources at EIU’s Booth Library website to ask questions of the librarians.