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Conducting the Training with Learners Implementing

Topic #1 – Subject Matter Experts (SME) Your subject matter expert (SME) likely plays a role in the design and development of training. What role (if any) should the SME play in the implementation of the training? What factors might impact this role? Topic #2 – Equitable Access to Training What would you recommend an organization do to ensure that everyone receives equitable access to training opportunities? What kinds of specialized training would be beneficial to address diversity, equity, and inclusion for employees? N/B….Use these references Read:ADDIE Implementation Stage: Implementation of ADDIE ( Training: Conducting the Training with Learners Implementing Training ( Matter Expert: Is it necessary for an Instructional Designer to be a Subject Matter Expert?: Subject Matter Expert ( Practices:  SME Best PracticesPilot Testing:  Pilot Testing During Implementation  “Strategy and Tactics for Pilot Implementation in the ADDIE Model,” Journal of GXP Compliance, Volume 12, Number 2, January 2008, pp. 12- 19. by Gordon Welty.)Evaluating Training: Evaluating Training ( Training using the Kirkpatrick model:  Kirkpatrick Evaluation Method