Conduct additional research on low-cost, differentiation, and low-cost/differentiation

This SIA assignment requires you apply a concept or theory we have learned to a subject that is current in the ‘real’ world. The assigned topic for Strategy in Action 2 is: Southwest Airlines (SWA)
In Chapter 7, we examine and explore a variety of business unit strategies. Included in these discussions are low-cost, differentiation, and low-cost/differentiation.
Your assignment (read carefully): Conduct additional research on low-cost, differentiation, and low-cost/differentiation (there is a TON out there on these subjects) to find at least 5 quality sources. This additional research can be from any industry. Using our textbook as well as your own research write at least two pages of analysis and discussion of the low-cost/differentiation (it is a combination of these two) strategy utilized by SWA ~ you can identify the good/bad/successes/blunders in this section. How will this strategy need to be modified due to COVID-19? Next, based on your findings, prepare a one-page recommendation for the board of directors of SWA that includes the discussion and high level implementation plan for at least 3 new initiatives SWA can pursue while maintaining their current strategy of low cost/differentiation. It is appropriate to include COVID-19 specific guidelines. Put these together in one document for a MINIMUM three pages of content (not including reference and title pages). Please follow APA format guidelines.
In other words, after writing an analysis of Southwest Airlines (SWA) utilization of a low cost/differentiation strategy including the incorporation of at least 5 references (2+pages), you should be in a position to make recommendations for the board (1+pages). Act as if you are a consultant who has been hired to help the company progress and begin their recovery from the pandemic. What advice or guidance would you offer them based on the information you ascertained during your analysis? Include BOTH qualitative and quantitative support for your recommendations as you link your writing back to the course material as well as your own research.
*Remember, this is your ability to show off what you have learned as well as your ability to apply it to a current real world situation.
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