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COMM 1106, ASSIGNMENT 2: WRITE AN EMAIL (10%)The task: Write the message called for in the situation described below, using reader-focused language and a professional tone.Please note the following when writing your email:• Use correct email format• Use reader-focused language. • Use everything that you have learned about writing in the course(Consider your audience, appropriate tone, organization, paragraphing, and lists if you deem applicable).• Make up any details necessary, as long as they are consistent with this case; use your own words and include any details that you consider relevant. (Please note that I am not concerned with the details you provide. I am looking at your organization, sentence structure, grammar, etc.)• Use the direct approach.• You can usethe attached planning form to mapout your message – do not hand the planningform in. (This is optional but recommended before you start writing your email).The situation:You work for Go-Green Foods Inc., which is a chain of small grocery stores across the metro Vancouver area. You have been reading a report published by Statistics Canada that advises that the majority of people who purchased or boycotted a product for ethical reasons rose to 27 percent in 2019, compared to 20 percent in 2018. Given this information, you recognize that growing awareness of environmental impacts has a strong effect on consumer behavior. You would like to see Go-Green switch from Styrofoam trays to a green product. You have looked at some products available from a company called EarthCorp and are impressed and think they could benefit your company.You have also been looking at ways to use social media to communicate this message to Go-Green’s clientele. You are hoping this will improve customer relationships and customer loyalty. You now need to convince your boss as he is not very familiar with social media and Go-Green has not yet utilized these forms of communication. You need to write an email message to your boss suggesting that Go-Green research the cost and benefits of switching form Styrofoam to a green product. Suggest two different social media channels that the store could use to let customers know of this shift. Include a brief description of the media channels you are suggesting and describe how Go-Green could benefit from using social media.


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