Cloning a Human

a Human
In theory, cloning is
simple enough to be performed so that a human can be cloned. Briefly, an ovum
is collected and the genetic material is removed. Then the entire genetic
material of the person who will be cloned is added to the “cleared”
ovum. The ovum now would behave like a fertilized egg and could develop when
implanted into a womb. This baby will be a person with the exact genetic makeup
of the person from which the material was obtained–an exact copy, a clone.
No fertilization by a male with different genetic makeup would be necessary!!
Pretty cool, right?!
may sound cool, but it brings up many issues. Should it even be allowed? If so,
what are the biologic and ethical implications of such cloning?
Your Opinion:
1.) Now
that it is possible to clone mammals, should cloning of human beings be
2.) What
are the ethical concerns involved in making a decision either for or against
** Use examples from the
reading and required resources to support your answers to the above