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 Change is considered by many as the new normal. Effective change  management must be part of an organization’s DNA. An emerging leadership  style called the transformational style has been shown to be effective  in this environment, especially in leading change. This form of  leadership goes beyond traditional forms of leadership which relied  mainly on centralized control. It emphasizes more open communication,  collaboration, and participation by employees. 
 Using the assigned readings, the Argosy University online library  resources, and the Internet, research the transformational style of  leadership. 
Module Readings:
Complete the following readings early in the module:
Read the overview for Module 
From the textbook, The leadership challenge (5th ed.), read the following chapters:
Set the Example
Strengthen Others
Recognize Contributions
From the Internet, read the following: 
Sharlow, B. (2010). Leadership style. Retrieved from
From the Argosy University online library resources, search for and  read at least two more articles on “Transformational Leadership” to be  prepared to discuss the concepts of this topic.
Read the overview for Module 
Module Overview:
This module explores the transformational leadership style,  particularly its role in leading change. You have the opportunity to  discuss transformational leadership in theory and in action. You will  also analyze Kouzes and Posner’s (2008) leadership principle of  “Challenging the Process” and the importance of leaders avoiding  complacency and being forward thinking. You will apply this knowledge by  preparing your first major project: an assessment of your own  organization’s overall alignment between its vision, mission, values,  and strategy.
Transformational Leadership Style
The world is changing so fast that Kouzes and Posner (2008) describe  the magnitude with which these transformations are occurring. They state  that the technology used in everyday items, such as a car, is much more  advanced than what was used on the first manned space flight. In a  fast-paced world, leaders too need “psychological hardiness” to adapt to  “innovation and the challenge of change.”
Transformational leaders try to influence followers through a vision  of a better future. They inspire followers instead of controlling them  and lead by example through role modeling. They contribute to  subordinates’ intellectual stimulation, enhance the meaningfulness of  goals and behaviors, and fulfill followers’ self-actualization needs.  Transformational leaders empower followers through intrinsic motivation,  exhibit confidence in subordinates’ ability to attain higher levels of  achievement, and enhance collective identity.
Kouzes, J., & Posner, B. (2008). The leadership challenge (4th ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
From the textbook, The leadership challenge (5th ed.), read the following chapters:
Set the Example
Strengthen Others
Recognize Contributions
From the Internet, read the following: 
Sharlow, B. (2010). Leadership style. Retrieved from
From the Argosy University online library resources, search for and  read at least two more articles on “Transformational Leadership” to be  prepared to discuss the concepts of this topic.
Then, respond to the following:
What are the key attributes of the transformational style of  leadership? Explain why you think these attributes are required of a  transformational leader.
From either personal experience, or through observation, provide examples of transformation leadership.  
Which of the other leaders who you have seen come close to being  effective transformational leaders? How could they have changed to be  transformational leaders? Justify your answer with appropriate examples.
 By Friday April 27, 2018 post your response to the appropriate Discussion Area.
   Write your initial response in 300–500 words.  Plagiarism Free, Turned-In on time, All Assignment Details and Qualifications Followed, Running-Heads Included, Pages Numbered, Cover Page Included, reference Page Included Paragraphs Indented, Questions Included Followed By the Answers, Follow Grading Criteria,   main heading should be centered; all new paragraphs should be indented;   paper should have been right ragged, not right justified; references,   should always go on a standalone page. abstracts are not usually  indented; should be right ragged, and not right justified.  acronyms  should be spelled out when using them for the first time, for example  HR.   references as listed are APA standard.   When you  submit your  papers through, you overall  similarity  index  score  should not be exceedingly high, with ten to  fifteen percent  being  the  maximum,   acronyms should be spelled out  when using them for the   first time, for example HR,  abstracts are not  usually indented;  should  be right ragged, and not right justified,   Please work on your  APA  formatting of citations. I have provided the  APA resource cite for  you.,    Please work on using literature within the span of the last 5 years,     keep in mind there should not be any one, two, or three sentence  paragraphs. Your response should be  thorough and address all components of the discussion question in  detail, include citations of all sources, where needed, according to the  APA Style, and demonstrate accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation 
Do the following when responding:
Read your answers.
Provide substantive comments by
contributing new, relevant information from course readings, Web sites, or other sources;
building on the remarks or questions; or
sharing practical examples of key concepts from your professional or personal experiences
Respond to feedback on your posting and provide feedback to ideas.
Make sure your writing
is clear, concise, and organized;
demonstrates ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and
displays accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Grading Criteria:
Quality of initial posting, including fulfillment of assignment instructions  
Reference to supporting readings and other materials  
Language and grammar 

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