Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.)

Cardiology: Study of the Heart

You will create a PowerPoint presentation based on the assignment instructions below. Each PowerPoint must include a total of 5 slides.
Slide #1 – Introductory Title Slide with your name and Case Number that you assigned to
Slide #2 – Summary slide to briefly summarize the Medical Record/Case study provided to you
Slide#3 – Add a screenshot of the highlighted medical term that you selected from your medical record/case study
Slides# 4&5 – Divide/Analyse/Defined 10 medical terms
Assignment Instructions
Select 10 Medical Terms from the Medical Record and highlight the terms chosen.
The terms you select MUST come from the underlined list in the medical term/case study that you were assigned.
You are responsible for all 10 medical terms and creating the PowerPoint.
Divide, analyze, & define each medical term. The term that you select must be a complete medical term that you can divide, analyze, and define. No partial credit given for incomplete terms.
Medical Term Divide Analyze
cardiology cardi/o/logy Root is cardi (heart); Combining Vowel is o/; Suffix is logy (the process of study)
cardiac cardi/ac Root is cardi (heart); Suffix is -ac (pertaining to)
Cardiology: Study of the Heart
Cardiac: Pertaining to the Heart
In case you use an abbreviation, follow this instruction:
o You can use abbreviations however, the process will be: list the abbreviation, the term, and pick one of the words/terms using the abbreviations to describe one of the abbreviated letters for example LP (Lumbar Puncture) The L stands for Lumbar and lumb/ar, Root(lower back) /Suffix(Pertaining to), Pertaining to the lower back