Capturing Powerpoint with Screencastomatic”

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Discussion Prompt:
Create a PowerPoint presentation that synthesizes the key elements of the strategic plan. The audience is the company’s executive team.
The presentation should be narrated with voiced-over or picture-in-picture video narration. Slides should follow PowerPoint best practices. (As a reminder, the Module 6 Lesson provides resources for creating your narrated PowerPoint)
Upload a link to your PowerPoint presentation to the discussion board to share with your peers.
Creating a PowerPoint Presentation
This course requires the creation of a presentation which synthesizes the strategic plan you created for the organization under study. While graduate students should be familiar with how to create a presentation (or resourceful enough to do so), below are some resources available to you.
Option One: Screencast-O-Matic
One option is to create a PowerPoint presentation (with narration and/or video) using Screencast-o-Matic. Screencast-o-Matic is a free video recording and editing tool. You can find Screencast-o-Matic at The following short video, “Capturing Powerpoint with Screencastomatic” by Phoenix College Instructional Media and Technology is an excellent resource for using Screencast-o-Matic to create presentations using PowerPoint.
Option 2: Camstudio
Another free desktop recording software is Camstudio. It works similarly to Screencast-o-Matic and is located at To follow video, “Screen recording/capturing in Windows 10 | CamStudio” by eTop Technology, Inc., explains how to download Camstudio.
Option 3: PowerPoint
An alternative is to simply create the PowerPoint presentation and voice over it, or add a picture-in-picture video narration. When finished, you can save your PowerPoint presentation as a video.
The following link from the Microsoft support website will provide you with instructions on how to add narration to a PowerPoint presentation:
This link from the Microsoft support website shows you how to add video to a PowerPoint presentation:
Review your colleagues’ PowerPoint presentations and share a few thoughts about insights you gained by completing this assignment and reviewing your colleagues’ work.