American History

Captain History

Captain History
Imagine you are a super hero named Captain History. You have the superpower of being able to go back in time to change historical events. You must use your superpower wisely because changing just one thing in history can completely change the future. Your assignment is to pick one event to change in Nevada’s history to make Nevada and/or the world a better place.
Make sure you explain why you picked your event
Explain the event you plan to change
What you will do when you go back in time to change your event
And explain how Nevada’s future will be better because you changed that event.
Think carefully and make sure you pick the right event at the right time. Be very detailed.
Your paper must be at least 750 words.
You will need to have at least two sources. You can use the textbooks- Uncovering nevada’s past, the silver state -Hulse as your official sources. Don’t cite Wikipedia but by all means take a look at the Wikipedia pages that pertain to your topic and mine the references at the bottom of the Wiki page. You can usually find excellent sources there. Please list your sources at the end of your paper.