Building a Culture for Inclusion at Microsoft55.

Read and answer the discussion probes for Case Study Building a Culture for Inclusion at
Microsoft55. This week are examples to help you along. Be sure to include a thesis statement and write about it-The thesis statement is positioned at the end of the first paragraph which is the Introduction. The thesis statement could be: The commentary of this case study will address the ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE. A minimum of two other sources in addition to the textbook are required. Provide commentary with sound rationale on topic using citations for validation, evidence, or support. A cover page is required. Be sure the introduction paragraph contains a thesis statement placed as the last sentence or two of the introductory paragraphs. Craft subheadings from the discussion question(s). Be sure to answer all parts of the question prompt in paragraph APA style. Be sure the responses follow APA formatting guidelines and include appropriate in-text citations and a reference page. Attached is a template and grading rubric for the case study.
1. APA formatting
2. Cover Page
3. An abstract is not required
4. One-inch margins all around
5. Introduction not more than ½ page
6. Add a thesis statement.
7. Craft Level 1 Subtitles from the questions asked in the case
8. Use the textbook as the main source adding journal article (s).
9. Conclusion includes lessons learned, tie back to the thesis statement; and what you found, Include recommendations-if any.
10. Reference page
11. The reference page and cover page do not count for pages needed.