Religious studies


PROFESSOR INSTRUCTIONS: During this course it’s likely that you felt that something was missing in traditional Buddhism, or that some element might have needed further development in the contemporary world. After reading Trainor, 214-238, Thich Nhat Hanh, “Engaged Buddhism,” and the personal testaments in “Blue Jean Buddha,” write at least a paragraph about two or three new developments in contemporary Buddhism that addressed some of your concerns and how and why they did so. Also: What would you say that the new Buddhist movements have in common? (Tip: If you write about “Running as Meditation” alone, that’s not sufficient to address what the prompt asks for.)
ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS: Please read pages 214-236 from Kevin Trainor’s book “Buddhism: The Illustrated Guide.” The book is on this website:
The book is free to loan. You can make a quick account and loan it for an hour or 14 days for FREE. Both options are free. This is the best way to share the book with you.
The read the pdf “Blue Jean Buddha.” Then answer the professor’s prompt. The prompt response requires in-text citations. Please provide 4 in-text citations for both sources collectively. For the Trainor citations cite as: (Trainor, Page #), for the Blue Jean Buddha pdf cite as: (Blue Jean Buddha, Page # on Bottom of Page). I will provide a sample student response to show you an example of how to respond and how to cite. DO NOT COPY OFF THE STUDENT PLEASE. It’ll just get sent back for revision. You can also respond from the first person POV using phrases like “I thought” or “This surprised me” etc
There is no reading for “Engaged Buddhism” so ignore that. Please reach out with questions of you have any.