Bubonic plague Time travelers

This week, you will be creating a works cited. This page will contain ten entries as outlined in the instructions. On the second page of the attachment, you will find a sample works cited page, and yours should look just like that one. It should be double spaced, margins should be correct, second and third lines needed for a single entry should be indented. This is called a hanging indent. Click this link for help with hanging indents: hanging indent instructions
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Use the template below to create your entries. Refer to the tutorial on the previous page for examples of how to handle each section of the template.
Here are the MLA topics to choose from: Choose ONE topic and create 10 entries as outlined in the instructions.
Loch Ness Monster area 51
Big Foot ghosts
Bermuda Triangle mind control
Acid rain Nostradamus
Animal testing
Black hole Stonehenge
Bubonic plague Time travelers
Censorship History of African Americans in military
Cloning Homeschooling
Anorexia Global warming
Bulimia Alzheimer
History of women in the military Missile defense
Recycling School violence
UFO Salem witch trials
Space exploration Body language
Cults Protection of rain forests
Here is the template to use to create each works cited entry. DO NOT send me the template for grading. You have to submit a completed Works Cited page. Remember: the entries must be arranged in alphabetical order