Blogs have become increasingly important in all fields including healthcare.

General Description
Blogs have become increasingly important in all fields including healthcare. Blogs are a tool to get information out in a meaningful manner that is timely and communicated in an attractive way. You must decide who your audience is first to understand how you are going to approach content. The audience and topic will be provided for you in the weekly assignment description.
Blog Scenario
You are a CEO of a large very reputable hospital located in San Diego, CA. Your monthly blog is distributed to all hospital employees through a listserv; and, is visible to the public. A goal of the blog is to educate readers about your leadership style, hospital culture, and commitment to providing high quality care to your community population, which is primarily made up of racial and ethnic minorities. Educate your readers on the high cost of healthcare in the US. Touch upon how the US compares to other countries regarding cost of care and health outcomes. Segue into a robust discussion about how the US can cut costs and simultaneously improve health outcomes to racial and ethnic minorities.
Tip: research initiatives in San Diego; look for defined approaches and success stories to reference as an example. Your recommendations can be based upon lessons learned from this example.
Key Question: how can we cut costs without negatively impacting the health outcomes for ethnic and racial minorities living in the San Diego area? Or, can we?
Read this article on emerging trends
Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Quality of Health Care | Annual Review of Public Health (
Conduct additional research.
Please review this article to understand how to properly approach this assignment relative to using images. Your blog should be 500 to 1,000 words, 12-point font, times new roman, with 1 inch margins.
You will still need to source your information using links, footnotes; in text citations and a list of references. Here is an example of a good approach.
Please also read these tips on constructing a good blog.