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Before we begin developing our own curriculum, it is important for you to demonstrate skill in evaluating available curriculum as this may be something that you have to do in your future professional life. For this assignment, you will use tools to evaluate a selected early childhood curriculum that is available to you. The tools include: the Checklist for Preschool Curriculum Decision Makers (National Institute for Early Education Research) and the NAEYC/SDE Position statement on Early Childhood Curriculum, Assessment, and Program Evaluation. The final project must be a professionally written paper with headings, paragraphs, appropriate grammar, etc., clearly reference specific curriculum and evaluation documents/websites, and include reflection that includes your own perspective and values. Selecting a curriculum When choosing a curriculum to evaluate make sure that there is enough information available to you to complete a thoughtful and thorough evaluation. It is best if you have access to the full curriculum, but if not, you must review the introductory statement of the curriculum philosophy or approach, information about the company that produces the curriculum, sample lesson plans and/or assessments, information on required materials, and research or a theoretical foundation for the approach. UW Libraries has copies of Creative Curriculum, Tools of the Mind, High Scope Curriculum for you to use. Other curricula like Te Whariki – The New Zealand Curriculum and Investigations: A Project-based Preschool Curriculum, are fully available online. If you have access to other materials, you may select a different curriculum from those found below. Please check with your instructor if you have any questions about what curriculum to select. Here are some possible curricula to review. Te Whariki – The New Zealand Curriculum: The website provides links to all information on the curriculum and training available The portal provides additional implementation information and there is a downloadable overview of the curriculum Te-Whariki-Early-Childhood-Curriculum-ENG-Web-1.pdf Tools of the Mind: The curriculum book is available through UW Libraries. There are many online videos and a website for reference High Scope: The website provides some basic information and the curriculum guide is available through the UW Libraries Creative Curriculum: This is a widely used curriculum that is available through UW Libraries with additional information found on the website Investigations: A Project-based Preschool Curriculum has a website with information and videos There is also a handbook available to download investigationshandbook.pdf The Project Approach has a website as well books that can be accessed through UW Libraries. You can find most information by deeply exploring the website Any other curriculum addressing children ages B-5 that you have access to. Requirements Students can earn up to 75 points for completing this assignment. It will be graded based on the the quality and thoroughness for each of the following components using the rubric. Overall, the paper should be approximately 10 pages inlength, but may be longer. I will read whatever you submit of less or greater length. This is not an assignment that can be done in one sitting, so please begin work on it early, ask questions as needed, and take time for editing before submitting your work. 15 points – Description of curriculum (2-3 pages) What company produces the curriculum? Who are the authors? What are their qualifications? How long has it been in existence? What is the cost to use the curriculum? What ages is the curriculum intended for? Are there separate materials for different age groups? If so, what and how do they differ? Who is the intended audience (ie. home childcare, early intervention, Head Start, etc.)? What training and professional development is necessary and/or available? 40 points – Evaluation of curriculum (5-7 pages) Evaluate the curriculum using the 2 tools we examined in Module 1, which are summarized below. The points provided for each tool are a guide for your evaluation. You will use the tools to address the following: Does the curriculum show evidence of addressing the following curriculum principles and components? If so, give examples. If not, note this as well. Use the original documents, not just this outline, for each of the tools below to make sure you understand each principle or component and that you complete a rigorous evaluation of the curriculum. Checklist for Preschool Curriculum Decision Makers (NIEER) found in NIEER Preschool Curriculum Decision-making.pdfNIEER Preschool Curriculum Decision-making.pdf: How does the curriculum define the roles of the teacher and the child in the learning process? What domains of learning are addressed? Are they integrated or treated separately? Will the curriculum lead to achievement of state early learning standards? Does the curriculum provide guidance for differentiating teaching for students with special behavior, linguistic, or learning needs? Do the curriculum’s developers provide an assessment system that is consistent with the teaching philosophy and learning content? Does the curriculum model provide guidance for such services as parent involvement and the transition to kindergarten? Children are active and engaged Goals are clear and shared by all Curriculum is evidence based Valued content is learned through investigation, play, and focused intentional teaching Curriculum builds on prior learning and experiences Curriculum is comprehensive Professional standards validate the curriculum’s subject-matter content The curriculum is likely to benefit children 15 points – Reflection on the curriculum (2-3 pages) Use the National Center on Early Childhood Development, Teaching, and Learning’s (NCECDTL) Exploring Your Curriculum: A Quick Guide as a support for focusing your reflection process. There are 8 sections in the guide: Your Curriculum’s Resources… page 6 Your Curriculum’s Approaches to Teaching and Learning… page 7 Your Curriculum’s Learning Domains… page 8 Your Curriculum’s Learning Goals… page 9 Your Curriculum’s Ways of Organizing the Learning Environment… page 10 Your Curriculum’s Ways of Using Routines and Schedules … page 11 Your Curriculum’s Ways of Planning and Implementing Learning Experiences… page 12 Your Curriculum’s Ways of Engaging Families… page 13 This tool is a guide to help you reflect on the effectiveness of the curriculum and how it aligns with your values about curriculum. It will help you to determine if the curriculum is something that you would choose to use in your classroom. This reflection should not be an “answer” to each question, but rather, a summary of your interpretation of these key ideas using the questions as a guide. Provide an overall statement if would you like to use this curriculum in your classroom. Why or why not? Include what you see as the benefits and limitations? 5 points – Professionalism of writing This assignment should be written in narrative form with well-organized headings and paragraphs. Professionalism of writing includes grammar, spelling and conventions. Include in-text citation and a reference page that includes all work you used to inform your description of the curriculum and evaluation (curriculum materials, tools, articles, lectures, etc) in APA format. Please proof-read your work to ensure that you have well-developed ideas, support for your claims and clear writing.


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