awareness of the organizations that exist as a voice for the nursing profession.

The purpose of this assignment is to increase awareness of the organizations that exist as a voice for the nursing profession. Nursing makes up the largest sector of the healthcare workforce, yet we are the most underrepresented profession at the table when policy and other decisions are made. The goal is to inspire you to get involved.
PowerPoint Instructions: The PowerPoint presentation will summarize major points from the course objectives and materials. The presentation must be organized, appealing to read, and easily understood. The PowerPoint will include voice-over narration as if you were giving this presentation to a group of nurses.
Taking Action (25 pts)
Referring to your textbook Mason et al., (2021), select and read a ‘Taking Action’ Chapter (there are several to choose from) (i.e. Ch 24. Addressing the health needs of immigrants/migrant farmworker, Ch. 29, Influencing public health in a politically charged environment, Ch 81. Policy, Politics and advocating for medical cannabis use, etc.)
In 2-3 slides, review your ‘Taking Action’ chapter, the nursing role, and application to your community.
American Nurses Association: (25 pts)
Review the following websites. Navigating under Quality Organizations, select an organization from the list. In 4-5 slides, discuss the organization, purpose & mission, previous initiatives and current ones, and lastly the nursing role within the organization. How is the nurses voice heard?
American Nurses Association; Policy (Links to an external site.)
American Nurses Association; Quality Organizations (Links to an external site.)
Summary Slide – Tie your entire presentation together.
Presentation/Voice Narration: (25 pts)
The PowerPoint is easy to follow, colorful, creative, and accurately reflects the topic chosen.
The PowerPoint uses voice-over correctly for each slide.
Voice is easy to hear, understand and follow. There are no ums, ahs, or other distracting behaviors.
PowerPoint Format: (25 pts)
APA 7th format (include title slide, in-text citations, reference slide)
Length: minimum of 10 slides and maximum of 15 slides (not including title and reference page).
Slides use appropriate graphics and are not jumbled with too many words
Follows the “seven-by-seven rule”
A minimum of four (4) scholarly references.