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Assume the following:
Five years ago you joined a global mid-size unionized manufacturing firm as an HR manager. The role was one of managing a traditional HR department; in other words, the HR department was seen as primarily a staffing and administrative function.
At the time you were hired, your Board of Directors asked you to inform them as to what strategic human resource management is all about and how you saw your HR department (and its functions and subsequent activities) transforming to such a new role as a strategic partner. Your company decided to transform the HR role from a traditionalist function to that of a strategic partner in the organization.
It has been five years since you began that transformation and the HR department is now seen as a strategic business partner to the organization. The Board of Directors, at an upcoming meeting, has asked you to describe how you have adapted to this role of strategic HR manager and what are the business implications? You have 5 minutes to present your information so you decide to focus on your top priorities and their success. Include in your response to the discussion:
– What two HR functions did you address and why? For example, HR function might include reduced voluntary turnover of key talent, such as expatriates, by the development of training for expatriates and their families, etc.
– How did you measure the success of your work? What documentation would you provide to them to demonstrate your success (Hint: what specific metrics would you use to demonstrate your success)? in the case of an expat, consider the cost of training and the cost to replace an expat.
NOTE: In order to ensure a robust discussion, please describe two HR functions with solutions. In other words, make a unique contribution to the discussion.
Completion of this assignment will illustrate your comprehension of the HR functions and corresponding activities and how an effective HR manager can strategically utilize people as a capital asset for the organization.

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