Assignment 4 – Feature story package and Reflection (3000 words in total)Due: Lo

Assignment 4 – Feature story package and Reflection (3000 words in total)Due: Los Angeles Time Zone November 22 5amWorth: 50%. Must Follow the Format of the following sequences. The attachment is the format and pay attention to the details of the required reference style!!!!!Feature story packageFeature story 30%: Students must find, research, conduct interviews, and write a feature story of 1200 words, demonstrating mastery of feature writing techniques as well as an understanding of news values and the ability to conduct interviews. The story should include at least three interviews and be worthy of publication in a local or state newspaper or news website. Students should not interview family, friends or classmates. If in doubt, speak to your tutor. Each interview must be accompanied by a consent form signed by your interviewee. If signed consent forms are not possible due to COVID-19, an email confirmation of interview will be accepted.
Two (2) interviews AT LEAST must be conducted by phone or Skype/Messenger/WhatsApp. Emailed interview comments are only acceptable for council, government departments or minister’s comments, and organisations. These are usually official statements prepared for all media enquiries. Emailed interviews are NOT suitable for your main interviews as they are written and generally lack the immediacy of spoken quotes. That would make your story boring. They also do not allow for follow up questions which are essential for a good interview.
Include interesting, copyright-free images if you aspire to have your story published. Please include credit (who took the photo) in your captions.
Transcript: Students will also provide a transcript totalling 500 words of one or more interviews, highlighting the quotes used for the story, adding the quotes that precede and follow those used. These will provide context.
Pitch: 300 words 10%Submit a 300-word pitch.
Your pitch must include: your story idea and why you think the story is newsworthy (news values); the sources you plan to interview, including full names, why you have chosen these people to interview and contact details (Facebook/Twitter etc are not sufficient information – email addresses or phone numbers please). Also indicate whether these interviews will be conducted on Skype/Messenger/WhatsApp, or via telephone.
Reflection 10%: The 1000-word reflection is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their understanding of news processes from a semester of critically analysing current news as well as themselves ‘doing’ news. Students will be marked on their insights into the way the media functions and their own news practices. We are not seeking a breakdown of what was covered each week, rather what aspect of news most interested you? Why? Students might consider the following:What surprised you about the process? What did you learn about journalism? Journalists? What did you learn about the news process from the stories that you followed in the print and online media this semester? Did any ethical concerns arise, either for you or the media you observed? What does “balance” mean to you now? Objectivity? What did you learn about the process of news through observing it and through “doing” it? These questions are not intended to be prescriptive, rather to suggest possible approaches.We are looking for students to draw on insights gathered through the class activities and the set assignments, as well as the readings AND current news events to provide real world examples. Please use academic referencing for this reflection.