aspects of attention in a visual-search task.

This experiment explores aspects of attention in a visual-search task. You will complete the lab in Mindtap and then share your results and impressions with your classmates. Answer the following questions:
What were your results and were you surprised by them? If so, why? Support your lab reflection with chapter or other credible source infromation.
Consider everyday situations where visual searches is an occupational necessity. What job(s) can you think of that would require this skill? Are the searches for your example complex or simple to do and why? (For example (you cannot use this one), a police officer may have to visually search a crowd for a suspect)
Respond to at least two of your classmates, explaining why you agree or disagree with their arguments. Use chapter material and examples to support your responses to your classmates.
To complete this assignment, review the attached Discussion Forum Grading Rubric document.
Discussion Forum Grading Rubric.docx