Art (Fine arts, Performing arts)

Art History

For this post, you will write a detailed description and visual analysis of the back view of the Palette of Narmer (ancient Egyptian art, c. 2950 BCE). (image below). I UPLOADED THE IMAGE PLEASE CHECK IT. Thanks
Describe the work of art in detail. Imagine that you are describing this artwork to someone who can’t see it and your goal is to include enough information that the person can form a mental picture of the artwork. Your description should include the following information:
ŸDimensions and medium (listed in the caption underneath the image in Week 1 PowerPoint 4)
Ÿ Description of the figures pictured on the palette (Who is shown? What are they doing?)
ŸComposition (How are the figures arranged?)
ŸTechnique (Is this a sculpture in the round, low relief sculpture, or a high relief sculpture?)
Ÿ Viewpoint (Are the figures shown frontal, in profile, or in a composite view?)
Next, visually analyze the artwork. Identify, describe, and try to explain the way the artist used visual and formal elements such as scale, composition, style, etc. to create meaning within the artwork. Remember that artists make many choices when they design and create their artworks. How do these choices effect the meaning of this artwork? Why does the artwork look the way it does? Make sure to consider the following:
ŸScale (How does the size of the figures, particularly in relation to each other, impact the meaning of the
ŸStyle (Are the figures naturalistic, stylized, or idealized? )
ŸComposition (Why are the figures arranged the way they are?)
After you submit your post, you should respond to at least one classmate’s post. Your comment should be thoughtful, respectful, and substantial—at least 100 words (there is a word count in the lower right-hand corner of the reply box). You may choose to comment on something that a classmate did well, suggest additional information that would strengthen their analysis, discuss their interpretation of the work, etc.
Your post should be written entirely in your own words. Do not copy a description from the internet or class PowerPoints. Do not conduct outside research. This assignment is intended to help you develop your ability to look closely at a work of art, describe it and consider how the visual elements help create meaning. If you copy what someone else wrote, it defeats the purpose of the assignment. Additionally, since the focus of the assignment is visual analysis, you do not need to include a lot historical background information.
RESOURCES: You will find it helpful to consult the “visual analysis” section of the Guide for Analyzing Works of Art (in the “Resources” tab on Blackboard). You can also re-watch the video from the end of Week 1 PowerPoint 1 (Introduction to Art History).