arketing Project A. The Final Project is the compilation of all the above s

arketing Project A. The Final Project is the compilation of all the above sections with corrections from the feedback you received from earlier projects. Next, add an Updated SWOT analysis and Recommendations. Also, be sure to update your project to include any new information you found as the project progressed. I expect to see new information in the final project so put it in italics to make sure I see it as new information. This is a dynamic project that will change as your understanding of the material deepens throughout the semester. During the semester your company will face challenges as well as opportunities. Be sure to stay abreast of all the news impacting your firm. And make all changes in italics!
Then, as I said earlier, add an updated SWOT analysis, and your recommendations (See below for more information).
B. Update SWOT analysis
At this time, you are ready to update your SWOT analysis from all the information you have learned. So update your SWOT analysis for the company. In your final report, use this updated SWOT analysis. You should leave your original SWOT in the first section.
C. Recommendations – Marketing Mix
Finally, now it’s your turn. Up to this point you have been discussing what the company has been doing. Now, what recommendations do you have for the company? It’s time to recommend strategies based on your SWOT analysis. What do you think the company should do in terms of the target market and marketing mix (product, price, place and promotion)? This should be the end of the report.
Changes ..
1 For the final project, discuss one of Disney’s new products that is in the Introduction stage.
2. For the final report, be sure to use Disney’s annual report as a source.