Are Boys Really Better Than Girls at Math and Science? |

please give a peer review to my classmates discussion post write as if he/she is your classmate.
1.) If you were to ask me if I believed men were naturally better than women at mathematical thinking, the pride in me would say absolutely. But, the fact of the matter is, women are just as adept as men when it comes to mathematics, and in some cases they are more adept at it then men. I found this article that I will post at the end of this response, that states the reason that the notion exists, is that when we start to mature and grow, we conform to social norms. I found that very interesting, since I, by my own admission, am a blunt object, while my wife is the mathematical genius in our family. She can do statistics in her head, and it both astounds me, and humbles me. So, with that in mind, I do not agree with that math myth. There are no stats that show men are anymore deft at math than women. I would actually argue it is the other way around.
2.) I have an unbelievable amount of anxiety when it comes to math. So much so, that I worry if I am doing it all correctly. However, I deal with it by bouncing my answer off my exponentially smarter wife. She somehow knows this curriculum like the back of her hand, and it amazes me. She is me saving grace, and I am glad I have her to humble me as she does.
Are Boys Really Better Than Girls at Math and Science? | Psychology Today