Applying the Concepts of Conservatism and Liberalism

TOPIC: Applying the Concepts of Conservatism and Liberalism
First, visit the website for National Review Online. This is a leading conservative magazine and articles are written from various points on the conservative spectrum. Occasionally, it may disagree with a point on the lecture outline of liberal and conservative views. Select an article to review. You may select an article from Real Clear Politics. Select an article that is at least 800 words. The article may not be more than six months old. Provide the author, title, and complete url address of the article.
Second, review the Reading & Study concepts on conservatism and liberalism. You must refer to the Reading & Study materials to receive full credit.
Third, identify the key themes of the article. Compare these with what you have learned about conservatism and liberalism in the video presentation.
What conservative ideas are expressed in the article?
Why do you call them conservative?
What liberal ideas are expressed in the article?
Why do you call them liberal?
Fourth, your thread must consist of 2 paragraphs.
In the first paragraph, summarize the content of the article and identify the thesis.
In the second paragraph, give the analysis, explaining why the article should be considered conservative or liberal based on the presentations.
Remember: Do not simply summarize the article. Instead, analyze its main ideas. Demonstrate that you can apply the conceptual material provided in the presentation outline and your textbook to actual writings you might encounter outside of this course.
Submit your thread of at least 300 words