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“APA” Format Rough Draft
Went to Wendy”s Old Fashion Hamburger that has the saying of where’s the “BEEF” has the same amount of calories as the McDonald’s burger, Replied Ruth a store manager at Wendy”s. Marketing decision making gives the restaurant a decision on how to get better food for the same cost due to consumer health whether than there hungry for a taste that may not be healthy product for the body, (Ansoff 1857). 
         The objectives of this product are to identify what the marketing philosophy and strategy, analysis for marketing decision, strategic marking plan 1 , and the unit 3 making decision making plan for the restaurants fast food that are healthy for the body.(Armstrong 2009). The product of eating healthier gives the consumer more chance to live longer. The more information gather through technology. These types of media information gives the chances of how many or how much to have as a result of going online, advertisement, and mouth-to-mouth. The main objective of better heath are to eat the right thing not see what you eat but to know what you eat. (Henderson 1973).  
         By answering to the discussion board daily give the idea of what to look for as the assembly of a marketing planing of the product that best describe the right information needed as a help from the group or classmates. The discuss board allow the group part of a market decision get more information that require more research and technology of what best fit the organization as well as the consumers. 
         As to assisting consumer targeting have the ability to know that the 4P’s have a important role when it comes down to the marketing decision making in the product to come. The strategy of consumers let the product be strengthen to current position, filling an unoccupied positing, and responding that sometimes called depositing in the product, (Henderson 1973).  The group of people targeting in the healthier product would be that of all ages due to everyone needs to watch their diet due to over eating are just better health product in fast foods, 
         The overview of this product are to maintain a fast food product that is quick and a better choice for good eating habits for all ages. the product will also give the ability to lose weight or weight gain which is better for the consumer that can use it either way or just eat healthy to produce the right nutrients for the body. 
    In conclusion, the product of eating fast foods allow my objective of not planning or just quick in a hurry. The product of fast foods allow the research to gathering all information pretain to Wendy”, McDonald”s, and Burger King to live a better and healthier life through the marketing decision making. The plan for unit 5 is to have all the necessary information about how to make this food product a good reason for the new technology and new managerial approach to marketing. This is just a brief draft of what to give in a assignment that requires all the marketing decision making in a product. 
Ansoff,I.,(1957, Sep-Oct). Strategies for diversification. Harvard Business Review, 35(5er King ),113-124.
Armstrong, G. & Kotler, P. (2009), Marketing , an introduction, Upper Saddler River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.
Henderson, B. D. (1973), Publications, Retrieved from The Boston Consulting Group web site:


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