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APA 6th edition!!!!!
Your work is to write a research paper about “Hitler from Winston Churchill point of view during 1930s”.
While writing you need to explores a key themes which relates to leadership in 20th Century. You should draw upon Archie Brown’s “The Myth of the Strong Leader” as a main refence in order to explore and address the subject of leadership. In addition, you are encouraged to make use primary and secondary source materials that i add for you on attached document.
Main ideas should be on this paper:
•Overview and Biography of Winston Churchill.
•Why Churchill is master of the arts of politics during 20th century and after, and what was his main leadership skills?
In this part you need to prove that Churchill was a great leader Based on Archie Brown’s argument in his book “The Myth of the Strong Leader” by sorts of successful leaders categories.
•How Churchill understand Hitler during 1930s.
In this part you will focus on how Churchill understand Hitler’s traits and tendencies as a leader exhibit, and the categories that Hitler fall into, as a way of understanding his egos, motivations, and behaviors responsible for progress, or suffering, in the world. This will be Churchill views on Hitler between 1933 and1935.
•Why Churchill identifies Hitler long before any other leader, and how this way of thinking shaped Churchill leadership skills.
In this part you will write about Churchill reading mind skills, observing and understand Hitler way of thinking through speech, plans or habits, and how he understands Jews situation before the war. Also, this part will include why Hitler’s foreign policy scared Churchill, and how this fear turned into a goal to defeat this man, take unusual risks to stand up to Hitler, and led his country from the brink of defeat to victory.
•Lessons learned for the UAE leaders.
In this part you will conclude my paper about how the UAE leaders can deeper understand of leadership in general, and what are the implications of Churchill leading skills for UAE diplomatic leadership and foreign policy makers.
Finally Please note that good writing almost invariably means editing and rewriting. All quotations need to be backed up with either footnotes, endnotes or in text citations. You must provide a citation for any idea which is not your own. It is important that you do your own work.


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