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1) Which situation is an example of transferring heat by means of convection? A) the sun warming the earth B) the weather patterns outside C) you toasty-warm in some footy pajamas D) you accidentally grabbing the hot pan from the oven 2) Dolphins communicate using compression waves. Some of these sounds are outside the range of human hearing. Upon spotting a hungry shark, dolphin A sends a message to dolphin B. To send this message as quickly as possible, dolphin A would A) send the message under water. B) send the message above the water. C) sound the message as loud as possible. D) sound the message as soft as possible. 3) A book falls from a desk. Which graph BEST represents the book’s change in potential energy? A) A B) B C) C D) D * Hover over answer image to enlarge 4) Compare the sounds produce by wave A and wave B. The human ear would hear A) wave A as a louder sound than wave B. B) wave A as a higher pitched sound than wave B. C) wave A and B with the same pitch, but wave A as louder. D) wave B has a louder and higher pitched sound than wave A. 5) Charcoal appears black in color because it A) emits black-colored light. B) has a black-colored pigment. C) absorbs all wavelengths of light that fall on it. D) reflects all wavelengths of light that fall on it. 6) James and Juan were at the highest point in the football stadium, dropping water balloons on people below. Many of the balloons did not break, so the boys added more water to the balloons. What impact did adding water have on the balloons’ potential energy? A) It had no impact; it just made the balloons bigger. B) The gravitational potential energy increased because the mass increased. C) The gravitational potential energy decreased because the diameter increased. D) The gravitational potential energy remained constant because they did not increase the height. 7) During physical science, Ms. Greene challenged her students to produce an energy transformation. James and Jill wrapped a 4-inch nail with a coil of fifty turns of wire. They connected one end of the coil to one terminal of a knife switch. They connected the other terminal of the knife switch to the battery. Finally, they connected the end of the coil to the other terminal of the battery. James held the tip of a 1-inch nail near the flat end of the 4-inch nail. Jill closed the knife switch quickly and then opened it. The 1-inch nail was pulled toward the 4-inch nail. James and Jill used a battery as a source of electricity to construct a(n) ______ that created ______ energy that caused the nail to move. A) motor; electrical B) generator; magnetic C) generator; electrical D) electromagnet; magnetic 8) Muscles convert chemical energy into A) light energy. B) nuclear energy. C) mechanical energy. D) electromagnetic energy. 9) Maria’s father started a fire in the fireplace. He crumpled some paper, lit a match, and soon the logs in the fireplace were burning. In this case, the stored chemical energy in the logs was changed into A) electrical energy. B) mechanical motion. C) heat and light energy. D) electrical and heat energy.



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