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What is the relationship between biological sex and gender? After examining the literature on the subject, write a persuasive essay to explain the connection. Arguments for this relationship seem to run along a continuum from “biology is destiny” at one end, and the assertion that gender is a social construction with no relevance to biology whatsoever. Write an essay that contains a central argument or thesis and is the subject of your annotated bibliography. Pick a topic from the list below and develop your working thesis using listing, free-writing, or another method listed in the BPH. Keep in mind the following guidelines:
Of your 10 sources, 8 should be scholarly; the other two sources should be chosen carefully–no “infotainment” please. Determine their purpose carefully; if the source’s purpose is to entertain or to advertise, it is not suitable. 8 pages double spaced in length; no longer than 8 pages please. use the citation system that you used in your Annotated Bibliography, one that is appropriate to your subject (APA, MLA, Chicago, iEEE etc.).
Make sure to number the pages of your essay.
Make sure to include a final page of sources, labelled according to the citation system used. (for example, ‘References’ if you are using APA or ‘Works Cited’ if you are using MLA etc.).
Information on citation styles can be found in the Brief Pearson Handbook.
If you are using APA, please include a cover page.
Use the 10 sources from your annotated bibliography to support claims made as part of your argument; however, if it is better supported with additional or alternate sources, use them also, or in place of some of the sources in your bibliography. The idea here is that there should be some connection between your bibliography and the final essay, but not all sources from the bibliography must be used, and you may have more than 10 sources.
Please submit your paper to Turnitin
–submit only one attachment
–only use file types: Word, PDF, HTML, RTF, or plain text
–always include file extension.
Consult the attached powerpoint slides that we went over in class to refresh your memory about the kind of communication I expect in your papers.
An essay that I consider excellent is attached as a sample below. Note the entertaining of counter-claims to the author’s argument about the construction of childhood. This essay is somewhat longer that you are required to write, but have a look at it for a suggested (not required) structuring of points.


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