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Jennifer is a 21-year-old college student presenting to the clinic for complaints of headaches. She reports she gets this moderate pulsating headache when she has multiple exams in her classes. The headache can last about two days and can cross from one side to the other and is made worse by computer light and eating chocolate.
Use credible references (your textbook is fine) to answer every question for this case study (20 points possible). Submit as a Word document to the appropriate dropbox in the Assignment area. Due by Sunday, midnight, end of Week 2. If you do not use a credible reference or provide a rationale when asked, your score will be zero for that answer.
1. List two differential diagnoses and provide your rationale for each (4 points).
2. Explain the pathophysiology of your primary differential diagnosis (2 points).
3. Explain an “aura” associated with a migraine headache and include pathophysiology (4 points).
4. Explain the pathophysiology of Imitrex, one abortive therapy for migraine headaches (3 points).
5. Explain the pathophysiology of Topamax, one preventive therapy for migraine headaches (3 points).
6. Identify one etiology for a headache that is worse in the morning (2 points).
7. Jennifer has now been diagnosed with a migraine headache with aura. She is asking about birth control options. Identify one contraceptive method that will be effective as well as safe for her. Provide your rationale (2 points).