Americans Political Knowledge

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Discussion Topic #1: Americans Political Knowledge
◦ Citizenship requires a certain level of political knowledge, yet most Americans do not know much about politics. What types of political information are Americans most likely to possess?
◦ Do you think this is sufficient to fully participate in a democracy?
◦ What solutions would you suggest for Americans’ lack of political knowledge?
For chapter 2
Discussion Topic #2: Articles of Confederation Problems
◦ How were the Articles inadequate to meet the needs of governing the diverse 13 former colonies?
◦ What were the Articles of Confederation’s deficiencies in securing legitimacy from the people and coercing the states and citizens?
◦ What specific elements of the Constitution created institutions and processes to overcome the problems of collective action that plagued governance under the Articles of Confederation?
◦ What specific elements of the Constitution endowed the national government with the tools of coercion and the continuing ability to replenish its right to rule?