Social work (not sociology)

advance human services

Submit a 1-2 page journal entry that addresses the following questions:
Which advance human services professional practitioner role interest you the most of those you have learned about thus far? (The practitioner role that interests me the most is the outreach and humanitarian) Why? The outreach and humanitarian are workers who show smpathyn and understanding and walk in the shoes of the service user.
What changes would you make to your professional identify statement as a result of learning about the roles? If no changes are
needed, explain why. ( Include my first journal entry paper “Professional Identity Statement” ) Look at the comment from the
professor and change anything to make the journal entry for week 5 better. The organiziation I work with is Special Olympics of
Journal: Professional Identity
Thus fae in the course, you have explored the generalist, planning, outreach, humanitarian, and advance case management roles in the human service profession. For this assignment, you consider which of these role interest you the most and how you would revise your professional identity statement, from Week 2, to feflect your interst in them.
The role that interest me the most is the outreach and then humanitarian. I believe that both are hand and hand working with
Special Olympics.
Think about the human services roles you have examined thus far in the course. Which roles interest you the most, and why?
Again, outreach and humanitarian interest me the most because with Special Olympics we must do outreach, planning and humanitarian duties.
Consider how you would revise your professioanl identity statement from Week 2, based on your interest int those roles. I will
include Week 2 paper. Please revise and the organization I working with is Special Olympics.
Learning Resources
Schram, B., Mandell, B.R., Dann, P.L., & Peterson L. (2020). An Introduction to human services: Policy and practices (9th ed. )
Chapter 8 Interviewing pp 207-236
Chapter 9 Direct Strategies: Working with People One-on-One pp 237-254
Chapter 1 and 2
Also get information for the Special Olympics of Florida or Special Olympics from their website