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A plastic rod 1.3 m long is rubbed all over with wool, and acquires a charge of -3e-08 coulombs. we choose the center of the rod to be the origin of our coordinate system, with the x-axis extending to the right, the y-axis extending up, and the z-axis out of the page. in order to calculate the electric field at location a = < 0.7, 0, 0 > m, we divide the rod into 8 pieces, and approximate each piece as a point charge located at the center of the piece. (a) what is the length of one of these pieces? â„“ = 0.1625 m (b) what is the location of the center of piece number 6? e m. (c) how much charge is on piece number 6? (remember that the charge is negative.) e coulombs (d) approximating piece 6 as a point charge, what is the electric field at location a due only to piece 6? 6 = e n/c (e) to get the net electric field at location a, we would need to calculate due each of the 8 pieces, and add up these contributions. if we did that, which arrow above would best represent the direction of the net electric field at location a?


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