A philosophy of teaching statement

The objective of this assignment is to identify a personal philosophy of teaching and examine this philosophy, which can lead to a change of teaching behaviors and foster professional and personal growth. Please write a teaching philosophy in becoming a successful future clinical preceptor.
A philosophy of teaching statement is a narrative that includes:
Your conception of teaching and learning
A description of how you teach
Justification for why you teach that way
The statement can:
Demonstrate that you have been reflective and purposeful about your teaching
Communicate your goals as an instructor and your corresponding actions in the classroom
Provide an opportunity to point to and tie together the other sections of your portfolio
Here are some of my ideas that can be included :
o Consideration of different learning styles (tactile, auditory, visual, etc)
o Request the same student again for three straight days for continuum of care and evaluate effectively
o Give homework that simple (10-15mins) but provokes critical thinking
o Give scenarios in operating room that is thought provoking ( I want to hear the student reason it out. What would you do if this happened.. what about that? Whats important to know? Why? Ok and if this happens then what will you do? When do you call for help? Etc)
o Allow my student to have autonomy with patient care
o Assess where he/she is clinically
o Mentor clinically weak students
o Provide daily evaluations that is both written and verbal
o Eat lunch with my preceptee to build rapport
o The more comfortable the student is with me.. the better he/she will perform