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1.. Class,
When the term ageism came out in 1969, the problems of exclusion of elderly seemed to be approached by programs created such as Medicare, Social Security , and Pensions.   As individuals live longer the continued demotions of older adults kept on. How do we end it?   
Watch the 11 minute Ted Talks video “Let’s End Ageism” , take notes, and share 2 take away points with the Class on what you learned from this Lecture. 
Finally, in your opinion, Can we end ageism? Why or Why not?
2.. Class,  
What is the White House Conference on Aging , how often is it held , and how does it impact aging policy?
We had the most recent WHCoA event last summer JULY 2015.
Do you feel this Conference and subject matter has been well publicized or marketed? Why or Why not?
3.. Class,
Advocacy services often help clients navigate a system or resolve an issue or concern.
What aging specific Advocacy services are available for older adults in your city, town, or community (State level, if no local program is established)?
List  the names and locations of  any 2  Aging Advocacy Programs where you live (city, state)  and explain 1 benefit the older adult  or caregiver might receive if using the program you have selected. Be specific and detailed in your response to this topic.
Are these services effective? Why or Why not?

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