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1. Download and read attached report: “Metrics for the Second Curve of Health Care”. You need to concentrate your reading on contents related to “Strategy 4: developing Integrated Information Systems”.2. Write a report to explainwhat is the Second Curve Health Care? (10 points)
why Strategy 4 is important in the transition from the First Curve to the Second Curve (40 points)? Your explanation should be written from the informatics perspective focusing on how the three components of Informatics are involved in this strategy.
If you choose to supplement your writing with resources besides the attached document, you need to include their references in APA format.3. Save your report as a Word document and name it as SecondCurve_FL where FL are your first and last name initials. Your Word document should be formatted using Times New Roman font (no smaller than 10 pt but no bigger than 11 pt), single spacing, 1″ margins on all sides, and the report length (2 page minimum,2. Download and read a document on Quality Data Model (QDM). Focus your reading on sections 1.1-1.5, and 2.1 – 2.8.Tasks: Write a report that contains your answer to the following questions:1. Why a quality data model is needed? Explain QDM’s importance in healthcare information system using examples you have seen or discussed in this Module’s required readings. (10 points)2. Figure 1 in section 2.5 shows an example QDM element structure on the left. The diagram to the right is an example of QDM element called “Laboratory Test”. Suppose you are member of an interprofessional team working a quality health database project for a hospital. Explain how you would design a database table to store data containing in the ODM element “Laboratory Test”. For example, what is the name of this table? What are the columns to include in this table? (10 points)3. Suppose the same database contains other tables describing ODM elements such as Doctor, Patient, Medication, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Company, etc. Describe ONE scenario where you can use this database to address questions related to QDM element “Laboratory Test”. (40 points)In order to help you understand this question, please consider the following sample scenario: Doctor A needs to find if any of his/her patients in the age group 35-55 has low HDL so that s/he can recommend them to practice regular aerobic exercise and loss of excess weight to increase the HDL level. Doctor A asks you for help since you are a health informatics analyst. Describe how you would use the database to find the answer. For example, do you need to use the database table representing QDM element “Laboratory Test”? What other tables in this database do you need to use? How will you generate the answer for Doctor A from theses database tables?Save your report as a Word file and save it as H3_FL2.docx where FL are your first and last name initials. 3. The attached Ethics-III.pdf continues the discussion on what other ethical obligations software engineers are under.Then proceed to answer the questions inside the reading:Questions 5.1 – 5.12
Because for many ethics questions there is no absolutely right or wrong answers as such, your responses will be graded based on completeness and thoughtfulness as opposed to rote or perfunctory ones. There are three grade levels for this assignment based on your responses to all the questions: 20 (no reasoning in responses), 35 (minimal to little reasoning), and 50 (sufficient reasoning and consideration).Write your answers in a Word file using Times New Roman font (no smaller than 10 pt but no bigger than 12 pt), single spacing, 1″ margins on all sides.Save your file as Ethics_3_FL where FL is your first and last name initial and Submit.4. Answer the following two questions based on what you have learned from “Head First” book Chapter 4 and Chapter 5.Q1. Describe the usage of the Burn Down chart in the Head First book Chapter 4. Explain how to calculate the value and update it on the chart for any particular day? (Your answer should explain the relationship between the Burn Down chart and the other techniques discussed in Chapter 4 such as the Big Board and the Standup Meeting.) (20 points)Q2. Suppose that you are asked to add a new event to the iSwoon system: The event is “Party at a friend’s place” and it is only allowed to occur on the 4th date or later. Describe what you would have to do to add this Event to the original iSwoon design(Ch 4) AND the “fixed” iSwoon design (Ch 5) respectively.(10 points)Give your own evaluation of the latter “fixed” design; does it address the problems of the original design? What problems might the original design have and how might you fix them? (20 points)Save your file as iSwoon_FL where FL is your first and last name initial and Submit.5. you are going to complete a midterm paper and it’s based on the movie “Office Space”. You choose the way to watch the movie in a comfortable setting, just remember that the midterm paper is Write your review in a Word file using Times New Roman font (no smaller than 10 pt but no bigger than 12 pt), single spacing, 1″ margins on all sides, and the paper’s length is no more than 2 pages. Any direct quotes from the movie do not count into the length of the paper.In the midterm paper, you need to identify at least three problems (problems identified must be from the software engineering perspective, not from the general ethics perspective) that could have been avoided if a good software development method is applied in “Office Space”.Identify the problems related to software engineering and describe what the consequences of these problems are respectively; (15 points)
Explain what actions you, as a member working on a software project, would have taken in order to avoid those problem respectively; (30 points)
Describe if your actions (described above) are related to any knowledge that you learned from the first 5 modules of this semester. (5 points)
Save your file as Movie_FL where FL is your first and last name initial. Submit your file through the dedicated link under the Submissions tab.


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